Jan 2020 Newsletter

Dear Tea Friends, We are Spiritwood Tea Collective and this is our newsletter. This is our monthly space for sharing dispatches from the tea hunt, highlights from our studies, and hopefully a little inspiration for your tea practice. It's also our space for showing some love! Thank you for being here. We said you were our VIPs and we meant it. To show our gratitude, we offer you all a lifetime 10% discount. Just message @spiritwoodtea on Instagram or reply to this email and we'll get you sorted. * Dedication: We dedicate ourselves to the pursuit of Good Tea. Through tea may we all have our spirits lifted, our health restored, and our hearts opened. * We are honored to have you here to witness our creation. We are here because we love tea and cherish our tea friendships. When we discovered the international community you’ve built around tea, we were so happy. Wow! Here is a place where we can all learn and grow and be inspired together. And as residents of Taiwan, we have another tea community all around us. Our Taiwanese friends and family love talking tea. As do tea art masters, potters, farmers, producers and writers. One thing they all have in common is a delight in teaching, and an eagerness to spread the tea wisdom that's flowed through our little island for centuries. * Besides the medical benefits of tea, there are other important ways it improves our lives. We spend time with friends. We sit. We cultivate mindfulness. When we perform our tea ritual, day in and day out, we hone our calm and our focus. We prepare tea carefully, with slow, deliberate motions. We observe the tea’s characteristics and its effects. In this way, we create a space for tranquility, grounding, and powerful self-love. There's a Chinese saying about tea: 茶禪一味 “Tea and Zen are one flavor” The immediate benefit of a mindful tea practice is Good Tea, as tea prepared with one’s full attention is superior. But we believe that's just the beginning of mindful tea's positive effects on our mind, body and spirit. * If we can put one friend on the path of tea, we will be overjoyed. If we can delight one longtime practitioner, we will consider Spiritwood a success. Teas will come and go, but we will always be here to share our curiosity, thoughts, and friendship. * While we celebrate the Lunar New Year and reflect, we are thankful for such a successful launch just a few short weeks ago. Your faith in us and our tea is touching, and you all inspire us to continue on the Hunt for Good Tea! Indeed we have been busy readying lots of surprises for After New Year's as they call it here. Peace from Taiwan~ Lon Higginbotham

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