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What is Gushu?

Who are we?

My name is Lon Higginbotham and I started Spiritwood Tea Collective as a way to share the amazing teas I discover on my tea journey. As a lifelong student of tea, I strive to spread awareness of tea practice, culture, history, and of course, how to recognize and appreciate fine teas. It is my sincere hope that everyone who loves tea has a chance to experience the joy of gushu tea. Taiwan, where we are based, is a perfect place from which to carry out our mission. For hundreds of years the island has had a rich tea culture, a bustling tea trade, and ideal conditions for the storage of pu er tea. Follow along as we seek to uncover the next treasure...

Only Natural

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Tea Noob?

Here at Spiritwood we recommend all our customers to start with a simple gaiwan or small yixing style teapot to begin their journey. Read more about the basics of preparing Good Tea in our guide.

Beginner's Guide